About the band

Alien Embassy are a four piece rock band from little old Shropshire, UK. The ethos of this band is simple, play some great songs, enjoy it and have fun. When we achieve that for an audience, it's mission accomplished.


Embassy are predominantly a rock covers band with some original material.  We try to avoid the ‘usual’ covers and focus on songs that you might not normally hear.  This is a tricky balance as it is easy to become indulgent and play just the songs you love - the band manage to pick well known songs that are not heard often, usually because other bands are simply not good enough to do them justice.

Songs that we cover come from bands that include AC/DC, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Christina Aguilera, Pink and Roxette to name but a few.


Musical influences within Alien Embassy span from musical theatre, pop, indie, 80’s and 90’s rock, shred guitar and trash metal. Despite this varied and eclectic mix of influences it really works and gives us a broad range of material and musical styles to play with.


For more information about Alien Embassy or to enquire about a booking please contact us via our email address or message us on Facebook.

Laura - Lead Vocals


Strong, subtle, hair raising are just some of the words you could use to describe her vocal skills. With years of experience in public performance Laura is a natural, self effacing performer.  It is a rare to find a vocalist powerful enough to sing “Whole Lotta Rosie” and “Zombie” but find her we have.  Plus, she has a hat like Brian Johnson of AC/DC so she must be good! 

Stu - Guitar


Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, Sleepy and Bashful, Stu is like five of the seven dwarfs rolled into one! One of the key attributes of a truly great cover band guitarist is the ability to change genres and sounds on a whim and to make everyone sound amazing, Hendrix to Pink, Heart to The Who, Stu nails it.  Some suggest he is sponsored by Ibanez, others know it’s just an addiction to powerful guitars that respond to speed and skill!!

Ade - Drums


He hits his drums like he hates them! Ade is a energetic and powerful rock drummer. It can be difficult to produce a powerful 4 piece band with a full sound and without a world class drummer it is impossible - Ade fits this description and then some and he provides the energy and drive that the rest of the band feed on.  Due to dedication and practice he now has his set up time to just under 2 hours, impressive!

Andy - Bassist


With years of experience and countless gigs under his belt, Andy is an instinctive musician with skill, flair and great rhythm. Just the right qualities for a bassist.  With his drink issues well behind him (possibly) and his bass buying addiction under control (possibly) he is a dynamic and key member of the band.